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Essay Topic 1

Summarize each of the three books and answer the following questions.

1. What are the main arguments in each of the three books?

2. How does does each of the three books contribute to the overall argument?

Essay Topic 2

Define the following philosophical terms and describe why they are so important in understanding Hume's Treatise.

1. Empiricism.

2. Skepticism.

3. Impressions.

4. Cause and effect.

Essay Topic 3

What are the arguments for and against Hume's treatise? How did society initially react to Hume's ideas? How influential have Hume's ideas been on modern day society?

Essay Topic 4

How does Hume think we form simple ideas? How does Hume think the way we form simple ideas help with our understanding of the world?

Essay Topic 5

What are the differences between the following? Give examples of each one.

1. Natural and philosophical relations.

2. Simple and complex ideas.

3. Sensory and reflective impressions.

Essay Topic 6

What are Hume's...

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