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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens on Boxing Day?
(a) Joe falls and breaks his leg
(b) the torrential rains come
(c) Jean closes the milk bar
(d) the first shoes go out to London

2. What does Harman say about the town of Willstown now that Jean is there?
(a) it will soon be as good as Alice Springs
(b) it will need a railroad line soon
(c) it will be where they build a house
(d) it will never change no matter what she brings in

3. Without a phone, how do people get information?
(a) mail plane pilots bring messages to town
(b) traveling pastors carry messages from place to place
(c) the radio network operator connects to 50 stations
(d) riders carry messages from station to station

4. At Midhurst where does Harman sleep and do most of his living?
(a) in the kitchen
(b) in the cattle barn
(c) on the verandah
(d) in the living room

5. What makes recruiting for the shop easy?
(a) air conditioning, music, uniforms, and spending money
(b) ringers start coming to town more often
(c) parents make their daughters go to work
(d) there are more girls than Jean once thought

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jean treat herself to in Alice Springs?

2. What has Jean purchased for her Sunday visit at Midhurst?

3. Who are David and Joyce Bowen?

4. What prevents Jean from spending a lot of time at Midhurst?

5. What concerns Jean that she cannot buy in Willstown?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Jean fly to Australia?

2. What is the bore and what use do the people make of it?

3. How is Jean helped in finding out information about Joe Harman?

4. Why does Harman not recognize Jean at first when she goes to the airport to meet him?

5. What is Jean's cover story about why she is looking for Harman?

6. How was Joe Harman able to travel to England?

7. Describe the opening ceremony for the well and laundry room Jean has provided the village.

8. What consideration do both Jean and Joe have about each other?

9. How does Jean find Midhurst where Joe lives and works?

10. Why does Jean stay outside the bar while Joe and Whelan discuss leasing agreements with the Shire Clerk?

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