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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do townspeople hope that Jean will put in a shoe manufacturing business?
(a) to encourage other businesses to come to the area
(b) to put their town on the map
(c) to keep their daughters from running away to the city
(d) to have something to brag about

2. Who finds Curtis and stays with him until help comes?
(a) Art Foster
(b) Whelan and his sons
(c) Joe Harman
(d) Johnnie Walker

3. What does Strachan send to Jean in Willstown?
(a) a box of the latest English novels
(b) a commercial washing machine
(c) a letter of credit for £5,000
(d) a large air conditioning unit

4. Although Jean is not pleased with the finished product, how do the townspeople respond?
(a) they are amazed
(b) they laugh at Jean
(c) they suggest ways of improving
(d) they place large orders

5. Why is there such a turnover of ringers in the Willstown area?
(a) the managers are all too hard to work for
(b) the wages are low and there are no shops
(c) men do not stay because the girls all leave to the city
(d) the weather is hot and there is no rainfall

Short Answer Questions

1. At Midhurst where does Harman sleep and do most of his living?

2. What is amusing in the idea that he cannot believe she has survived three weeks in Willstown?

3. How does Jean travel to Alice Springs?

4. What is the name of the reporter of the Sydney Monitor who offers Paget a lift to the Darwin Hotel?

5. What does Jean make in her hotel room?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly describe poddy dodging.

2. How was Joe Harman able to travel to England?

3. What is Jean's cover story about why she is looking for Harman?

4. Why is it easy to recruit new workers for the shoe factory?

5. Explain what Jean learns on her trip to Kuala Telang to have a well dug for the women there.

6. Why does Jean fly to Australia?

7. After confiding with the Sawyers her real reason for looking up Joe Harman, what is Jean's denial?

8. What is going on at Midhurst when news arrives about Don Curtis' disappearance?

9. Briefly describe Jean's shoe making project.

10. Why are the people anxious for Jean to open a shoe factory in Willstown?

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