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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jean treat herself to in Alice Springs?
(a) an ice cream soda
(b) some fish and chips
(c) a hamburger
(d) an air conditioned room

2. What is the Casket?
(a) the Australian lottery
(b) the mail plane to Queensland
(c) the combination hotel and mortuary
(d) the slang name for Willstown

3. How does Jean travel across central Australia?
(a) on a slow moving train
(b) in a Dragonfly, on a mail and passenger run
(c) in a non-air conditioned bus
(d) in a truck delivering supplies

4. In the hospital, how had Joe referred to Jean Paget?
(a) Mrs. Boon
(b) Mrs. Horsefal
(c) Mrs. Paget
(d) Mrs. Jean

5. What does Jean see for the first time on the coral island?
(a) the puckered scars on Joe's back
(b) the way he walks with a limp
(c) the size of his shoulders
(d) the nail scars on his hands

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Art Foster say Harman is now?

2. What does Jean learn from 18-year-old Rose Sawyer?

3. Who is the former A.T.S. sergeant during the war, stationed in Egypt, Topp perfect for the task of training the factory workers?

4. Who finds Curtis and stays with him until help comes?

5. What does Jean ask about while visiting with the reporter?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are the people anxious for Jean to open a shoe factory in Willstown?

2. What is Jean's cover story about why she is looking for Harman?

3. How was Joe Harman able to travel to England?

4. Briefly describe Jean's shoe making project.

5. Why does Harman not recognize Jean at first when she goes to the airport to meet him?

6. Briefly describe the town of Cairns.

7. While Jean is looking for Joe in Australia, what is Joe doing?

8. Describe the opening ceremony for the well and laundry room Jean has provided the village.

9. Why are reporters waiting around the airport at Darwin?

10. Learning in Alice Springs that Joe is all right and able to work, why does Jean not just return to England?

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