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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Harman after he steals the chickens?
(a) he is beaten with a club
(b) he is dragged behind a truck
(c) he is nailed to a tree and beaten
(d) he is shot through the head

2. What solution do the women come up with to allow them to stay in Kuala Telang?
(a) they will open a laundry for the Japanese
(b) they will marry village men
(c) they will hide whenever the Japanese come around
(d) they will work in the rice paddies with the Malay women

3. For what do they conclude Joe Harman had given them reason to hope?
(a) that their one guard would leave them alone
(b) that they might find other kind people
(c) that they would not be punished for stealing
(d) that they will again see homes and husbands

4. What does Mrs. Warner provide for the children?
(a) dolls and toys make from bamboo
(b) a soccer ball made from palm leaves
(c) sweets made from cocount sugar
(d) school lessons on free days

5. What does Jean learn from Strachan?
(a) she has inherited £53,000
(b) she has inherited a homestead in Scotland
(c) she has inherited £1,550
(d) she has inherited a plantation in Malaya

6. What item do Jean and bill buy that proves to be very useful for the next few years?
(a) a bottle of insect repellant
(b) a map of Malaya
(c) a portable stove
(d) a large canvas haversack

7. What does Jean Paget present to Strachan when she arrives in his office?
(a) proof of her identity
(b) a basket of fruit
(c) a letter from her attorney
(d) fresh baked biscuits

8. Why is the Japanese sergeant disgraced?
(a) because he allowed Harman to steal the chickens
(b) because he was asleep on duty
(c) because he tried to cover up the theft of the chickens
(d) because he abused the women prisoners

9. Because of his punishment, what does the religious Mrs. Frith decide about Joe Harman?
(a) that he must have sinned
(b) that he was sent by God
(c) that he was another Moses
(d) that he is a second Christ

10. Why can the headman simply allow the women to stay on in his village without informing the Japanese?
(a) they will kill the entire village
(b) they will conscript him into the army
(c) they will make him kill the women
(d) they will punish him

11. What happens to Ben Collard, one of the boys?
(a) he is sent to the men's prison camp
(b) he is conscripted into the army
(c) he is shot by the Japanese
(d) he dies of an injury

12. How do Jean and Mrs. Horsefall manage to communicate with the Japanese?
(a) hand signals
(b) charades
(c) speaking Malay
(d) an English/Japanese dictionary

13. Why does Douglas Macfadden want his legacy set up as a trust for his surviving relative?
(a) he believes women cannot handle money
(b) he thinks only lawyers should handle his fortune
(c) he does not want to give all at once what he accumulated over a long time
(d) he is not sure where she is

14. What is the essence of Capt. Yoniata's lecture to the prisoners?
(a) how Japan will conquer the world
(b) they will be executed at dawn
(c) they should all learn Japanese language
(d) obeying orders and doing good things

15. What is Mrs. Frith's suggestion for the group?
(a) that they demand a truck to carry them
(b) that they go on a hunger strike
(c) that they seduce their Japanese guards
(d) that they find a village and settle there

Short Answer Questions

1. What chore does Jean take on on the way to Bakri?

2. How had the women been carrying Ben collard?

3. What do the other ladies in the group do to follow Jean's example?

4. Why does Jean miss the evacuation to Singapore?

5. What does Jean assure Mat Amin bin Taib the women no longer need?

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