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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the unusual situation of the women when the sergeant dies?
(a) they must decide where to go next on their own
(b) they are prisoners without a guard
(c) they are afraid because there is no protection
(d) they can escape but do not know where to go

2. Where is the women's next stop after Harman's crucifixion?
(a) an abandoned shed near a rice paddy
(b) a prison camp for men only
(c) a banana plantation near the coast
(d) Besarah, a beautiful fishing village

3. What does Jean begin wearing?
(a) some military pants
(b) a sarong
(c) a grass skirt
(d) Bermuda shorts

4. What does Jean buy at Ayer Penchis?
(a) dried squid
(b) beef jerky
(c) potato chips
(d) mangoes

5. What do the villagers at Temerloh give what is left of the group?
(a) fresh fruit and more medicine
(b) rice and fish
(c) sarongs and blankets
(d) bread and water

6. What happens to Harman after he steals the chickens?
(a) he is beaten with a club
(b) he is shot through the head
(c) he is nailed to a tree and beaten
(d) he is dragged behind a truck

7. What does Jean ask Harman if he can get for them?
(a) Glauber's salts, quinine, and something for skin rashes
(b) some fresh water and fruit
(c) a ride on one of the Japanese trucks
(d) good rice and a place to sleep

8. For what do they conclude Joe Harman had given them reason to hope?
(a) that they will again see homes and husbands
(b) that they might find other kind people
(c) that they would not be punished for stealing
(d) that their one guard would leave them alone

9. Because of his punishment, what does the religious Mrs. Frith decide about Joe Harman?
(a) that he was sent by God
(b) that he is a second Christ
(c) that he was another Moses
(d) that he must have sinned

10. Who gives them homemade medicine for the dengue fever?
(a) the Japanese
(b) the headman in Mentri
(c) the Red Cross
(d) Mrs. Frith

11. Why is the Japanese sergeant disgraced?
(a) because he allowed Harman to steal the chickens
(b) because he was asleep on duty
(c) because he abused the women prisoners
(d) because he tried to cover up the theft of the chickens

12. When telling Jean about Donald, what does Strachan try to do?
(a) make her shed tears
(b) spare her sensibilities
(c) refuse to give her the details
(d) paint a clear picture

13. What happens to four children at Bahau?
(a) they run away
(b) they are caught stealing food
(c) they are taken by the Japanese
(d) they die of a fever

14. What does Strachan observe about Dr. Ferris?
(a) he is old and senile
(b) he is fit, cheerful, and a bit macabre
(c) he is gruff and unwilling to talk
(d) he is scarred from the war

15. Why is it now easier for Jean to arrange food and shelter at the village?
(a) the people speak English
(b) the group is much smaller
(c) there is no headman
(d) the villagers think they are Japanese

Short Answer Questions

1. What meal are they served for breakfast the first morning?

2. How does Jean classify her time during World War II?

3. With her principle invested, how much will Jean receive annually?

4. What is the somewhat odd thing Jean wants to do first with her money?

5. After landing her job in 1939, how long does Jean work?

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