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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does Jean say the women stayed in Kuala Telang?
(a) six or seven months
(b) another two years
(c) eighteen months
(d) three wasted years

2. How does Harman get the supplies Jean asks for?
(a) stealing from a shop keeper
(b) trading some Japanese petrol from the trucks
(c) trading his wristwatch
(d) saying the supplies are for the Japanese

3. What is the essence of Capt. Yoniata's lecture to the prisoners?
(a) they will be executed at dawn
(b) they should all learn Japanese language
(c) obeying orders and doing good things
(d) how Japan will conquer the world

4. What item do Jean and bill buy that proves to be very useful for the next few years?
(a) a large canvas haversack
(b) a bottle of insect repellant
(c) a map of Malaya
(d) a portable stove

5. What is the unusual situation of the women when the sergeant dies?
(a) they are prisoners without a guard
(b) they can escape but do not know where to go
(c) they must decide where to go next on their own
(d) they are afraid because there is no protection

6. What helps clear up some of their skin diseases?
(a) the salt water and fresh fish
(b) juice they make from tree bark
(c) rest and shade under the trees
(d) soap and salt water

7. What puzzles Strachan about Jean Paget?
(a) why her skin is so dark
(b) why she is not married
(c) why she never tried to find her uncle
(d) why she returned to england

8. How does Jean classify her time during World War II?
(a) as carefree in Hong Kong
(b) as a housemaid for a Japanese general
(c) as a tutor for Japanese children
(d) as a sort of prisoner of war

9. What does Mrs. Frith say about Kuantan?
(a) it is isolated and barren
(b) it is cold and harsh
(c) it is too hot for English women
(d) it is healthier and the people friendlier

10. What doe the Japanese soldiers do to help the group?
(a) stop every two miles to rest
(b) carry the children
(c) give them extra food
(d) steal a truck

11. Where was the legacy to go originally?
(a) to Jean Paget's mother
(b) to Jean Paget herself
(c) to Jean Paget's first cousin
(d) to Jean Paget's older brother

12. What does Jean begin wearing?
(a) a grass skirt
(b) some military pants
(c) a sarong
(d) Bermuda shorts

13. What doe the soldiers do in Kuala Panong?
(a) shoot the men
(b) remove the children from their parents
(c) lock the women and children in a cellar
(d) confiscate jewelry

14. What does Jean buy at Ayer Penchis?
(a) mangoes
(b) dried squid
(c) beef jerky
(d) potato chips

15. What happens to Harman after he steals the chickens?
(a) he is beaten with a club
(b) he is dragged behind a truck
(c) he is shot through the head
(d) he is nailed to a tree and beaten

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jean Paget present to Strachan when she arrives in his office?

2. Why does Jean hardly remember her late uncle?

3. Why does Douglas Macfadden want his legacy set up as a trust for his surviving relative?

4. In what does Strachan attempt educate Jean?

5. How does Jean carry baby Robin Holland?

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