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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do they encounter as they walk through the swamps?
(a) Japanese ambushes
(b) snakes, crocodiles, and mosquitoes
(c) places where the water is waist deep
(d) elephants, tigers, and wasps

2. Because of his punishment, what does the religious Mrs. Frith decide about Joe Harman?
(a) that he was another Moses
(b) that he is a second Christ
(c) that he must have sinned
(d) that he was sent by God

3. Why is it now easier for Jean to arrange food and shelter at the village?
(a) there is no headman
(b) the villagers think they are Japanese
(c) the people speak English
(d) the group is much smaller

4. What does Strachan do before sending Topp to Australia?
(a) takes her to his club to check out her manners
(b) has a background check done on her
(c) interviews her to be sure she is a good manager
(d) finds the cheapest fare to Australia he can locate

5. What happens to four children at Bahau?
(a) they are caught stealing food
(b) they run away
(c) they are taken by the Japanese
(d) they die of a fever

Short Answer Questions

1. Initially who in their group takes charge of the English women and children?

2. In Darwin, what does she say Joe Harman is and why she is looking for him?

3. In the hospital, how had Joe referred to Jean Paget?

4. What does Jean begin wearing?

5. How is some of the hot water used?

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