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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Strachan observe about Dr. Ferris?
(a) he is scarred from the war
(b) he is fit, cheerful, and a bit macabre
(c) he is old and senile
(d) he is gruff and unwilling to talk

2. What is amusing in the idea that he cannot believe she has survived three weeks in Willstown?
(a) she had survived three years in Malaya
(b) she had not been able to survive Kuantan
(c) she appears to be a total city woman
(d) she looks so frail without the tan and the sarong

3. What doe the soldiers do in Kuala Panong?
(a) remove the children from their parents
(b) confiscate jewelry
(c) lock the women and children in a cellar
(d) shoot the men

4. What concerns Jean that she cannot buy in Willstown?
(a) eggs, meat, and cheese
(b) fresh fruit, vegetables, and milk
(c) beer, leather, and fuel
(d) newspapers, bottled water, and bread

5. What does Jean know from her own experience in the Malay jungles?
(a) the conditions of men prisoners
(b) the symptoms of cholera
(c) the lack of medicine
(d) the incompetence of military doctors

Short Answer Questions

1. Without a phone, how do people get information?

2. What is the dying wish Harman requests when he talks to Sugamo?

3. What does Jean learn from 18-year-old Rose Sawyer?

4. Where does Rose Sawyer work?

5. Who is Mat Amin bin Taib?

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