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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jean hardly remember her late uncle?
(a) she only saw him once when she was a girl
(b) her family was the black sheep
(c) no one knew where Macfadden was
(d) she knew him only from photographs

2. What meal are they served for breakfast the first morning?
(a) thin fish soup and dirty rice
(b) canned sardines and peas
(c) Spam and moldy bread
(d) plain rice

3. What doe the soldiers do in Kuala Panong?
(a) remove the children from their parents
(b) confiscate jewelry
(c) shoot the men
(d) lock the women and children in a cellar

4. For what do they conclude Joe Harman had given them reason to hope?
(a) that their one guard would leave them alone
(b) that they will again see homes and husbands
(c) that they would not be punished for stealing
(d) that they might find other kind people

5. Beyond the annual trust funds, what is Strachan authorized to do for Jean?
(a) he can reinvest her basic funds
(b) he can release some of her principle
(c) he can help her get bank loans
(d) he can adjust the amount for inflation

Short Answer Questions

1. Who exits the large Customs launch Jean hopes will take her to singapore?

2. How many Japanese guards are assigned to the women and children?

3. What does Jean begin wearing?

4. Where does Strachan take Jean at the conclusion of their first visit?

5. What does Mrs. Frith say about Kuantan?

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