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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens with the sergeant at the end of August in Kuala Telang?
(a) he runs away
(b) he shoots himself in the head
(c) he comes down with malaria
(d) he joins another Japanese unit

2. Why does Jean miss the evacuation to Singapore?
(a) the ship to Singapore never arrives
(b) she does not get the message
(c) the car breaks down on the way
(d) the Japanese arrive earlier than expected

3. What does Jean assure Mat Amin bin Taib the women no longer need?
(a) rice and fish soup
(b) soap and water
(c) the luxuries of white mems
(d) the Japanese guard

4. What was one of Donald's medical problems in the Camp 206 hospital?
(a) a huge, poisonous tropical ulcer on his leg
(b) a strange virus the doctors had never heard of
(c) a bullet wound to the head
(d) a crushed right lig

5. How do Jean and Mrs. Horsefall manage to communicate with the Japanese?
(a) hand signals
(b) speaking Malay
(c) charades
(d) an English/Japanese dictionary

Short Answer Questions

1. Initially who in their group takes charge of the English women and children?

2. What doe the Japanese soldiers do to help the group?

3. What does Mrs. Warner provide for the children?

4. Up to this point in her life, what is it Jean doubts she will ever do?

5. Who are the prisoners being held by the Japanese?

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