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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13 | Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When a Memphis TV crew requests to be allowed to film the trial, what does Judge Willard Bullard do?
(a) Instructs the county courtroom deputy, Mr. Pate, to throw them out.
(b) Advises they may only film inside the courtroom, they may not broadcast.
(c) Grants them permission so long as they do not interfere with proceedings.
(d) Advises they may film, but it will all be reviewed by the county prosecutor.

2. How long does the preliminary hearing for Billy Ray Cobb and Pete Willard last?
(a) 20 minutes.
(b) 10 minutes.
(c) 30 minutes.
(d) 40 minutes.

3. Where do Rufus Buckley's political ambitions lead him to?
(a) Washington, D.C.
(b) District Judge.
(c) Governorship.
(d) State Attorney.

4. Besides getting names and addresses, what does the Ku Klux Klan advise Freddie Cobb he must do to participate?
(a) Recruit 2 additional members and join the KKK.
(b) Join the KKK and participate in the lynching of a black person.
(c) Join the KKK.
(d) Recruit 5 or 6 members and join the KKK.

5. Why does Lucien advise Jake he needs to seek a change of venue?
(a) The KKK in Ford County is very strong.
(b) The chances for a less experienced prosecutor are better.
(c) Everyone in Ford County has already made their minds up.
(d) To get at least one black jury member.

Short Answer Questions

1. What three individuals were aware of what would likely take place, so the double murder does not surprise them?

2. Carla and Jake, raised as Baptist and Methodist respectively, have agreed to become what?

3. Lester Hailey has driven to Clanton from where?

4. Who has received threatening phone calls both at home and in the office?

5. When Lucien Wilbanks inherited the family law firm in 1965, what does he keep?

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