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Mary Doria Russell
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mirella give to anyone and everyone who comes to her?

2. Who does Renzo say should be honored as countrymen?

3. What does Isma reveal to Renzo, even though it seems she would not say anything to anyone?

4. What does Malcovato have unlimited access to which makes him a good person to know?

5. Mirella hopes that the war will be over by _________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Renzo return to reveal to the others?

2. What are being dropped from the sky, causing rumors to ravage Italy?

3. What happens to Simon Henley's plane during the conflict with the German planes?

4. Why has Jakub Landau been caught at the German checkpoint?

5. What are Renzo and Schramm supervising together?

6. What does Renzo do once he realizes he has no one to live for now that the war is over?

7. What does Santino see when he is on the crowded train?

8. By August, what is Renzo able to do after his injury?

9. What has little Angelo Soncini realized about his position at the boarding school?

10. Who is Osvaldo now driving a car for?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The fear that is instilled in Hitler from the beginning seems to offer an explanation for his later actions in his life.

Part 1: Why does Hitler's mom treat him the way she does?

Part 2: How is Adolf treated as he is growing up?

Part 3: Does this explanation of Adolf's growing up justify the way he turned out? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

What's most interesting about this novel is the contradiction in beliefs and in the results of those beliefs. For example, Schramm is guilty of horrible things, but so is Renzo.

Part 1: What are Schramm's crimes within this novel and before the time of the novel?

Part 2: What are Renzo's crimes within this novel?

Part 3: How are these characters to be compared in terms of their guilt? Is one character more guiltier than the other? Why? Why not?

Essay Topic 3

Children also seem to play a minor, yet significant role in the story. They seem to be giving the story a subtext which is speaking more to the themes of the story.

Part 1: Who are some of the children mentioned?

Part 2: What were the fates of the children who were mentioned?

Part 3: What do you think the author is saying about youth and about new life?

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