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Mary Doria Russell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. ____________ was injured and out of commission, and Italy's war was handed off to second-tier generals, both American and German.
(a) Hitler
(b) von Thadden
(c) Kesserling
(d) Reinecke

2. Who has been promoted within the SS Walther Reinhardt Division?
(a) Hitler
(b) Reinecke
(c) von Thadden
(d) Schramm

3. What does Maria Avoni tote as she escorts Simon Henley to his first camp?
(a) A large book
(b) Laundry basket
(c) Machine gun
(d) Grenade

4. Who does Renzo say should be honored as countrymen?
(a) Germans
(b) Catholics
(c) Republicans
(d) Partisans

5. Mirella is convinced that Hitler harbors an atypical __________.
(a) conscience
(b) power structure
(c) sexuality
(d) world view

Short Answer Questions

1. What city has the Nazi party lost in their struggle to conquer Italy?

2. What is Italy hit with that helps in their resistance efforts in the war?

3. Who has been caught at the German checkpoint with anti-Fascist documents?

4. Who is the chauffeur of the large Vatican car for Massimo Malcovato?

5. Who rushes in to tell Santino about German soldiers raping a young girl?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Artur almost shoot a young boy he sees while sitting out with Renzo/Ugo?

2. By August, what is Renzo able to do after his injury?

3. What has little Angelo Soncini realized about his position at the boarding school?

4. How does Schramm describe Hitler's stories?

5. What does Renzo do once he realizes he has no one to live for now that the war is over?

6. Why does Duno know how to care for the injured?

7. What is the holiday that the United States and the Germans had hoped to meet in terms of ending the war?

8. Why has Jakub Landau been caught at the German checkpoint?

9. What was the real story behind the raping of the girl by the six German soldiers?

10. What does Santino see when he is on the crowded train?

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