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Mary Doria Russell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Simon is summoned and told that he was not to let the partisans into Sant'Andrea until ____________.
(a) the next month
(b) Christmas
(c) allied forces arrived
(d) he was told to

2. Which friend of Duno was violently killed, leading Schramm to teach Duno about medical matters?
(a) Nello
(b) Lidia
(c) Renzo
(d) Arturo

3. What do the German soldiers assume the woman in #158 is as they paw through her laundry?
(a) Sister
(b) Slut
(c) Nurse
(d) Orphan

4. What does Renzo want Santino to build for a German engineering firm?
(a) Faulty sea wall
(b) Stone building
(c) Trick door
(d) Stone bridge

5. Who has been caught at the German checkpoint with anti-Fascist documents?
(a) Jakub Landau
(b) Iacopo
(c) Ugo Messner
(d) Renzo

6. Who is one of the many thousands of people who were killed at San Mauro?
(a) Don Leto
(b) Angelo
(c) Tomitz
(d) Renzo

7. Who did Landau once try to recruit for the CNL, though he was turned down?
(a) Iacopo
(b) Renzo
(c) Santino
(d) Angelo

8. What does Renzo NOT go into the town to do after the war is declared to be over?
(a) Drink an espresso
(b) Buy a coat
(c) Buy a newspaper
(d) Get a haircut

9. ____________ vows on Alberto's grave that Claudia's mother and brothers will be found.
(a) Pierino
(b) Tomitz
(c) Renzo
(d) Santino

10. Who has now passed away from typhus and from a weak heart?
(a) Pierino
(b) Tomitz
(c) Albert Blum
(d) Renzo

11. What does Renzo need to walk when it comes time for him to leave in August?
(a) Wooden leg
(b) Crutch
(c) Nothing
(d) Wheelchair

12. Angelo Soncini realizes he is not the only ______ in hiding at his boarding school.
(a) Italian
(b) Jew
(c) male
(d) German

13. Who is Duno treating, though he has Iacopo's help to do so?
(a) Albert
(b) Schramm
(c) Claudette
(d) Renzo

14. What do the special ops team members do before their plane explodes?
(a) Drop supplies
(b) Jump out
(c) Send a signal
(d) Yell for help

15. Whose uniform is being transported in the laundry that is being checked by the Germans, though the uniform goes undiscovered?
(a) Schramm's
(b) Reinecke's
(c) Renzo's
(d) Hitler's

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Maria Avoni tote as she escorts Simon Henley to his first camp?

2. Who has developed a successful system and is defeating the Germans in this area?

3. Who is Mirella expecting a visit from as they are in the Hunchback's house?

4. What does Isma reveal to Renzo, even though it seems she would not say anything to anyone?

5. Mirella believes: If you can help, you must _______.

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