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Mary Doria Russell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who had arranged for Schramm's escape as a symbolic repayment to someone he might have killed in the past?
(a) Tomitz
(b) Renzo
(c) Santiano
(d) Reinecke

2. What does Schramm fall to the ground with after his confession?
(a) Headache
(b) A Bible
(c) Hemorrhage
(d) Cancer

3. Schramm began to believe that money should not be spent on those who are _________.
(a) useless
(b) black
(c) women
(d) weak

4. Who has a wooden leg and is known as the Red Priest?
(a) Renzo
(b) Pierino
(c) Don Leto
(d) Tomitz

5. Renzo decides to apply as a ________ for the Dairy Association as a way to help out.
(a) accountant
(b) clerk
(c) driver
(d) milker

6. Who is the priest who introduces himself to Schramm?
(a) Tomitz
(b) Albert
(c) Loeb
(d) Renzo

7. Schramm compares war to misdiagnosed __________.
(a) typhus
(b) plagues
(c) cancer
(d) tuberculosis

8. Leto delivers a message to Claudette telling her that __________ has not forgotten her, but has gotten lost in a farm until the snow melts.
(a) Santino
(b) Tomitz
(c) Renzo
(d) Albert

9. Leto was able to go to school because of his leg which would not allow him to _________ like other boys.
(a) run
(b) play
(c) read
(d) farm

10. Where has Schramm traveled from to get to Cadenza d'Inverno?
(a) Sant'Andrea
(b) Rome
(c) Vatican City
(d) Milan

11. Schramm wants to know if _________ go to heaven if they are too young or unable to reach a state of reason.
(a) women
(b) humans
(c) children
(d) animals

12. Osvaldo wonders why the ________ does not excommunicate Hitler, but Leto understands how politics work.
(a) Cardinal
(b) Archbishop
(c) Pope
(d) local priest

13. How did the Germans trick the Blums in Belgium?
(a) By surrendering, at first
(b) By coming in tanks
(c) By bombing the country
(d) By telling them they were to receive money

14. What was NOT one of the fears of Adolf as a child growing up in the fearful environment of his mother?
(a) Meat
(b) Ill health
(c) Jews
(d) Suffocation

15. Where are the Jews supposedly going to go to be resettled when they surrender to the determined place?
(a) West
(b) South
(c) North
(d) East

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the young solider who has taken up a keen interest in the Blums?

2. What are other women doing as the answer to #112 distracts the soldiers?

3. What is the one word Pierino says in response to finding out that Albert's wife and boys were put on a train?

4. What does Schramm apologize for when he encounters Osvaldo later outside the church?

5. Who did Serafino Brizzolari already confess to, though he did not follow his advice for absolution?

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