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Mary Doria Russell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Renzo advise that Iacopo do with his synagogue for the time being?
(a) Burn it
(b) Close it down
(c) Give it to the Germans
(d) Reopen it

2. What are other women doing as the answer to #112 distracts the soldiers?
(a) Burnign German leaflets
(b) Stealing ignition wires
(c) Sneaking Jews out
(d) Marking their homes

3. Who are now being forced into service in the German army and factories?
(a) Italian children
(b) No one
(c) Italian males
(d) Italian women

4. What appears outside of Claudette and Albert's hiding place the first time gifts are left?
(a) A book
(b) A bottle of wine
(c) Two apples
(d) Two peaches

5. Schramm confesses to being part of the _________ program as part of Hitler's plan.
(a) strategy
(b) military
(c) euthanasia
(d) governing

6. In what village have the villagers been cooking and cleaning in preparation for the Jews?
(a) Santa Rosita
(b) Santa Rosa
(c) Santa Pensione
(d) Santa Chiara

7. Where did the Brosslers formerly live before they decided to escape and head to the mountains?
(a) Paris
(b) Milan
(c) Florence
(d) Venice

8. Schramm recalls how the _________ of the world romanticized illness and fainting.
(a) artists
(b) doctors
(c) writers
(d) actors

9. Santino tells Claudia to save her _______ as she might need them later.
(a) biscuits
(b) tears
(c) shoes
(d) jewels

10. Who was the famous figure who surrendered in 1942, seemingly ending the war in Italy?
(a) Werner
(b) Benito Suarez
(c) Hitler
(d) Mussolini

11. What does Don Osvaldo hear from Catarina Dolcino?
(a) Her murder confession
(b) A funny confession
(c) The German plans
(d) A joke

12. What does Schramm weep at when he is recuperating from his illness?
(a) His pain
(b) His cowardice
(c) His past sins
(d) The mother's lullabies

13. Who tells Mirella and Angelo that Iacopo has been arrested?
(a) Loeb
(b) Renzo
(c) Albert
(d) Tomitz

14. Who did Serafino Brizzolari already confess to, though he did not follow his advice for absolution?
(a) Pope
(b) Archbishop
(c) Tomitz
(d) Renzo

15. What kind of training does the answer to #14 have that makes him useful?
(a) Doctor
(b) Dentist
(c) Spy
(d) Lawyer

Short Answer Questions

1. Klara believed that ________ stained her soul black.

2. What does Schramm fall to the ground with after his confession?

3. What has Rinaldo Miroglio arranged for the travelers to the border of Italy?

4. Osvaldo is impatient with the __________ and with the war.

5. What will happen to any Jews who do not surrender by the indicated date of September 28, 1943?

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