A Thread of Grace Short Essay - Answer Key

Mary Doria Russell
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1. What was the horrible event that happened to Klara Hitler which led to her immaculate home?

Klara Hitler was impregnated by her uncle and then eventually married him.

2. What are some of the things that Adolf is afraid of at the beginning of the manuscript which may have led to his own sense of purity?

Adolf was afraid of suffocation, meat, as well as a host of other everyday things and people, which led him to feel like he was pure and faultless.

3. What kind of mother was Klara Hitler to her son, Adolf Hitler?

Klara let Adolf breast feed too long, and she was also afraid of every threat, and these worries were then passed on to Adolf.

4. What was Klara Hitler's fate that might have further spurned on Adolf's eventual mission in life?

Klara Hitler suffered from breast cancer, and was not able to be saved by a Jewish doctor who was treating her.

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