Objects & Places from A Thread of Grace

Mary Doria Russell
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Porto Sant'Andrea

This is a fictional small town on the Ligurian coast in the northern part of Italy where most of the characters in this story have lived for a period of time. It is also where the hotel is located where the Brosslers and Blums and Leonis stayed before fleeing to the mountains.


This area is a green flatter foothill region of France, occupied by Italy, that became a prime target for German infiltration.

Borgo San Mauro

This fictional region is located in the mountains south of Sant'Andrea where young Angelo Soncini was sent to boarding school at Roccobarbena. The Germans hoped to push the refugees and partisans into this area where they could more easily capture them, since it lies near the Mediterranean.

Martime Alps

These are the mountains between France and Italy that the Jews cross over to get to safety in northern Italy...

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