Daily Lessons for Teaching A Thread of Grace

Mary Doria Russell
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Lesson 1 (from Preludio Austria 1907)


The description of Adolf's life almost makes the reader begin to feel badly for him. That said, it also seems like he might have been able to overcome his upbringing and make better decisions for himself. Today's objective is to discuss the idea of nature vs. nurture and whether people can overcome their upbringing.


1. Have students vote as to whether they feel sorry for Adolf Hitler as a result of reading this chapter. Why or why not?

2. In smaller groups, have students discuss whether they think Hitler's upbringing should excuse his later actions in life. Why or why not?

3. As a class, have the students discuss the idea of nature versus nurture. Is there one that seems to be more in control of our lives than the other? Why or why not? Can anyone ever say that one is more responsible for someone's actions?

4. Homework...

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