A Thread of Grace Fun Activities

Mary Doria Russell
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The Story of Hitler

Have students write up their own story as to what they think Hitler's upbringing was like, as referenced in the beginning of the novel.

What Happened to Italy in the War?

Have students research what happened to Italy during the war. Map out a time line of Italy's involvement as well as the sides it was on at any given point.

The Many Faces of Renzo

Have students come to class dressed as one of Renzo's identities. Can the other students identify who the student is dressed as?

The Family Trees

Have students draw out the various family trees that exist in this story to see just how interconnected, if at all, the characters are.

The Path of Renzo

Have students come up with a map that details the many places Renzo visited during the course of this book.

Developing a Spy Identity


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