A Thread of Grace Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Mary Doria Russell
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Essay Topic 1

What's most interesting about this novel is the contradiction in beliefs and in the results of those beliefs. For example, Schramm is guilty of horrible things, but so is Renzo.

Part 1: What are Schramm's crimes within this novel and before the time of the novel?

Part 2: What are Renzo's crimes within this novel?

Part 3: How are these characters to be compared in terms of their guilt? Is one character more guiltier than the other? Why? Why not?

Essay Topic 2

Many people who read this novel have different reactions to each of the characters, emotional reactions. While this might be absolutely valid, it also seems to color the experience of the reader.

Part 1: What is the reaction you feel when you read about Renzo?

Part 2: What is the reaction you have when you read about the character of Schramm?

Part 3: How does the emotional response to a...

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