A Thread of Grace Character Descriptions

Mary Doria Russell
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Renzo Leoni

This person is the main character in the story whose experience as a pilot in the Absynnian war took a toll on his conscience and affected his entire life. He felt that if he continued to feel guilty it would justify the fact that he lived on after bombing a hospital full of patients in Africa. He is a heavy drinker and a master of disguises and languages, and is one of the most endearing characters in the novel.

Werner Schramm

This character is a German officer physician who appears in Sant'Andrea searching for absolution from a Catholic priest. This person, an alcoholic with tuberculosis, is AWOL from the German army, and has had some kind of crisis of conscience over the 91,867people he has murdered under Hitler's euthanization program.

Claudette Blum

This character is a young Belgian Jewish teenager who is on the run in...

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