A Thread of Grace Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Mary Doria Russell
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Preludio Austria 1907

• Klara has a past of being impregnated by her uncle at an early age, eventually marrying him.

• Klara is overly protective of her son Adolf.

• Adolf got the idea that he was pure and flawless, perhaps, from his upbringing.

Greater Italy - 1943 - Anno Facista XXII - September 1943

• When Mussolini surrendered, Jews were no longer under Italian Army's protection.

• Doctor Schramm looks for a priest in Porto Sant' Andrea

• Tomitz and Renzo Leoni meet.

• Renzo Leoni was at the church to meet Loeb, his brother-in-law.

• The bells at Suorta Marta ring because Italy has surrendered in the war.

• Claudette's father tells her to pack quickly.

• The Brosslers are planning to head to the mountains.

• Umberto will stay behind in order to hold of the Germans.

• Claudette/Claudia narrowly missed being taken by the Germans when they were in Belgium.

• Duno Brossler's grandmother, who was left behind...

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