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Khaled Hosseini
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What change does Rasheed make to his appearance in order to fulfill the Taliban's orders in Chapter 38?
(a) He wears long pants.
(b) He shaves his beard.
(c) He wears a burqa.
(d) He grows a beard.

2. When does Chapter 42 begin?
(a) April, 1992.
(b) April, 2001.
(c) September, 1997.
(d) March, 2003.

3. How many years have Mariam and Rasheed been married in Chapter 29?
(a) 18.
(b) 9.
(c) 15.
(d) 12.

4. What is the name of Mullah Faizullah's son that greets Laila in Chapter 50?
(a) Zaman.
(b) Hakim.
(c) Ahmad.
(d) Hamza.

5. What American film becomes popular in the summer of 2000 in Kabul?
(a) Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
(b) Pinocchio.
(c) Titanic.
(d) Die Hard.

6. What kinds of businesses does Abdul Sharif say he owns in Chapter 28?
(a) Butcher shops.
(b) Clothing stores.
(c) Fast food restaurants.
(d) Fine restaurants.

7. When does Chapter 39 begin?
(a) April, 1992.
(b) September, 1997.
(c) September, 1996.
(d) January, 1994.

8. Where has Rasheed taken a job as a doorman in Chapter 42?
(a) The Safi Landmark Hotel.
(b) The Kabul Serena Hotel.
(c) The Intercontinental Hotel.
(d) The Farhat Hotel.

9. How old is Mariam when Rasheed marries Laila?
(a) 32.
(b) 49.
(c) 26.
(d) 35.

10. What is the date on Jalil's letter from the box that he left behind for her in Chapter 50?
(a) March 12, 1968.
(b) August 10, 1982.
(c) April 17, 1978.
(d) May 13, 1987.

11. Where are people of Kabul punished each week on Fridays by the Taliban for disobeying orders in Chapter 38?
(a) Ghazi Stadium.
(b) Paghman Gardens.
(c) Gardens of Babur.
(d) Chaman-e-Hozori.

12. Who has built the classroom at the renovated orphanage in Chapter 51?
(a) Abdul Ali Mazari.
(b) Wakil and Noor.
(c) Rasheed and Tariq.
(d) Tariq and Zaman.

13. Where does Laila tell Tariq she wants to visit before returning to Kabul in Chapter 50?
(a) Herat.
(b) Abbottabad.
(c) Shindand.
(d) Takht-e-Safar.

14. What does the name Aziza mean?
(a) A Thousand Suns.
(b) Rose Petal.
(c) The Queen of Stars.
(d) The Cherished One.

15. What is the name of the town that Tariq says he lives in, in Chapter 44?
(a) Punjab.
(b) Murree.
(c) Mardan.
(d) Karteh Seh.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mariam tell Laila she will NOT be in Chapter 31?

2. About how long after Laila has been recovering at Rasheed's home does Abdul Sharif come looking for her in Chapter 27?

3. What television channel are Tariq and Laila watching as New York's Twin Towers are hit on 9/11?

4. What is the name of Kabul's ancient music ghetto that is silenced by the Taliban in Chapter 38?

5. What physical ailment has Tariq developed in Chapter 50?

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