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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ginny takes her nieces, Pammy and Linda, to the __________ swimming pool on a hot and windy Friday in June.

2. What were Ty and Pete installing when Ginny returned from the swimming pool with Pammy and Linda?

3. Jess mentions he has 13 years of experience in ___________ farming as well as a shallow understanding of Buddhism.

4. As the storm clouds form on the horizon, a ___________ is already issued for the country surrounding and including the farm.

5. Larry announces a plan to form a corporation with the farm, giving each of his daughters __________ of the ownership of the farm.

Short Essay Questions

1. After the storm and the incident in the storm, what does Ginny decide she needs to do for her father?

2. What happens when Jess arrives at Ginny's with frozen meat for her to store for him and for Harold?

3. When Pete mentions overhearing that Harold is going to be changing his will, how does Jess respond?

4. How does Ginny describe the dimensions of her flat world as an 8-year-old in 1951?

5. What did Harold buy for himself without consulting Larry, which made Larry a bit upset?

6. What happens to Ginny after she cleans the carpet in her house, a task which takes her until noon?

7. What happened to the Ericson farm, according to Ginny's memory of the time it was purchased?

8. Describe the way that Marv Carlson, the banker, eats when he arrives at Larry's house the morning after the pig roast.

9. Why does Ginny run back home on her way to feed her father one morning?

10. What does Ginny do in order to try to catch a glance of Jess Clark again?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One might say that parts of the story were simply out of the hands of the characters. For example, the role of disease and illness seem to be out of the hands of the characters, though the actions of Larry seem to be within his control.

Part 1: Do you think that that characters had more opportunities to change their lives? Why or why not?

Part 2: Why didn't some of the characters try to change their lives and redirect their experiences?

Part 3: Do you think the book supports the idea of nature being in control of our lives or of free will being in charge? Why did you choose the answer you did?

Essay Topic 2

Many of the characters have their moments of seeming to be normal and well-adjusted and even happy, but at other times, these are simply guises under which they hide.

Part 1: Why do you think so many characters hide their true feelings in this story?

Part 2: What does it say about the author's own ability to trust people at face value?

Part 3: How might the story have been different had the characters simply acted in an honest and authentic way?

Essay Topic 3

The idea of being a parent is one that is debated in this novel, with different versions of parenting being represented.

Part 1: How do you think motherhood is portrayed in this novel? Positively? Negatively?

Part 2: How do you think fatherhood is portrayed in this novel? Positively? Negatively?

Part 3: What do you think the author's feelings about parenting are?

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