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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the Monopoly players find out about the wedding ceremony of the person they know well?
(a) Priest
(b) Phone
(c) Newspaper
(d) Someone in the group lets it slip

2. Henry Dodge is a ___________ minister who is always giving sermons which will appeal to the farmers.
(a) Pentecostal
(b) Catholic
(c) Lutheran
(d) Baptist

3. What kind of plants seem to be fine, even though Ginny and Ty's relationship seems broken?
(a) Tomato
(b) Corn
(c) Green bean
(d) Pumpkin

4. After Ginny finally falls asleep, she wakes up to Jess telling her that Larry is at ____________.
(a) Harold's
(b) The jail
(c) Rose's
(d) Loren's

5. __________ is complaining about the new red air conditioned Harvester tractor that was recently purchased.
(a) Jess
(b) Larry
(c) Loren
(d) Harold

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Larry and Harold take in exchange for their work on repairing broken machinery around the farm at first?

2. Rose announces she has already fed Larry and that he was ________ because they allowed it.

3. What does Jess ask Ginny to do when he surprises her by showing up at her house?

4. Larry announces a plan to form a corporation with the farm, giving each of his daughters __________ of the ownership of the farm.

5. Caroline calls and says she had just returned from New York and found a note on her desk saying ____________ had driven to Des Moines to find her.

Short Essay Questions

1. When Ginny takes her nieces to the swimming pool, what do they complain about to her?

2. What are the reactions of the daughters to Larry's new disappearance?

3. How does Ginny describe the dimensions of her flat world as an 8-year-old in 1951?

4. What is Marc Griffin, the banker, worried about in relation to the actions of Larry on his farm?

5. Describe the way that Marv Carlson, the banker, eats when he arrives at Larry's house the morning after the pig roast.

6. What does Ginny do in order to try to catch a glance of Jess Clark again?

7. What happens when Jess arrives at Ginny's with frozen meat for her to store for him and for Harold?

8. After the storm and the incident in the storm, what does Ginny decide she needs to do for her father?

9. What does Ginny drive Rose to and what is the outcome of this trip they take together?

10. What kind of sermon does Henry Dodge give during the service in which Rose and Ginny are helping?

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