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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For years, Ty has wanted to double the farm's _________ operation, even though Larry did not agree with him.
(a) Lettuce
(b) Chicken
(c) Hog
(d) Corn

2. What was revealed under the marshland that once stood in the farm area that Larry now owns?
(a) A river
(b) Natural crops
(c) Clay
(d) Fertile soil

3. Where would this new operation in #64 be situated once the loans and paperwork were in order?
(a) Abandoned house
(b) Dairy barn
(c) A newly tilled field
(d) Chicken coop

4. ___________ is currently cooking three meals a day for three households.
(a) Jess
(b) Ginny
(c) Rose
(d) Larry

5. Larry and his other lawyer, ___________, are suing to get the farm back from Rose and Ginny and the others.
(a) Terrence
(b) Joseph
(c) Caroline
(d) Marv

6. What does Larry say to Ginny--something that Ty thinks Ginny should hear face-to-face with her father?
(a) Hussy
(b) Barren slut
(c) Mother's mistake
(d) Barren whore

7. After the papers for the farm are signed, who decides to leave without saying goodbye and the car gone by the time anyone else notices?
(a) Jess
(b) Ginny
(c) Rose
(d) Caroline

8. What does Rose say that she wishes she hadn't done after the incident with Larry staggering down the road?
(a) Had children
(b) Stayed in town
(c) Quit smoking
(d) Said anything

9. Jess decides to explain to others what the _______________ is and how it works after dismissing the idea of Larry changing his will.
(a) Works Progress Progress
(b) Nature Conservancy
(c) Peace Corp
(d) MoveOn

10. As the storm clouds form on the horizon, a ___________ is already issued for the country surrounding and including the farm.
(a) Thunderstorm warning
(b) Thunderstorm watch
(c) Tornado watch
(d) Tornado warning

11. Who upends the Monopoly game in Pete's lap when she hears the news of the unknown wedding?
(a) Caroline
(b) Jess
(c) Ginny
(d) Rose

12. Rose thinks that Larry is perfecting his _______________ as he will continue to do during his retirement.
(a) Quiet march to silence
(b) Poker face
(c) Death's fercent gaze
(d) Death's head start

13. After a church service, Ginny urges _________ to make amends with Larry as she thinks it's the right thing to do.
(a) Rose
(b) Caroline
(c) Jess
(d) Loren

14. What does Rose exclaim she wants to eat when she is out on her fancy dinner of celebration?
(a) Meat
(b) Chocolate
(c) Potatoes
(d) Bread

15. What is the game the next generation at the farm begins to play which ends up taking about two weeks?
(a) Monopoly
(b) Rummy
(c) Yahtzee
(d) Poker

Short Answer Questions

1. The ____________ after their mother had died, Larry made the daughters take separate bedrooms.

2. _____________ does not wear the customary goggles and accidentally sprays himself with anhydrous ammonia.

3. Ginny wonders why the musically talented Pete married Rose, and it seemed the only thing the two had in common was ___________.

4. Who arrives late to breakfast the day after the pig roast, even though the rest of the family was there and ready on time?

5. What has Rose been diagnosed with, which means she needs additional help with certain chores and tasks?

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