A Thousand Acres Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Ginny describe the dimensions of her flat world as an 8-year-old in 1951?

Ginny describes her world as a farm stretching a mile along Country Road 686, whose southern edge can be viewed from the small rise on which this blacktop road intersects with the Cabot Road.

2. What does Ginny currently do for three households each and every day when she is 36?

Ginny cooks for three households everyday - her own, her father's, and her sister Rose's.

3. What happened to Ginny's grandmother's grandparents find when they arrived in the United States from England?

Ginny's grandmother's grandparents, Sam and Arabella, arrived to find that the land they purchased was a swamp.

4. What did Harold buy for himself without consulting Larry, which made Larry a bit upset?

Harold bought an air-conditioned International Harvester tractor, without asking Larry first, which angered Larry.

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