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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 6: Chapter 45.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who drives to Cabot to talk to Henry Dodge, though she bolts from his office as soon as he appears, without talking to him?
(a) Ginny
(b) Francine
(c) Rose
(d) Caroline

2. Henry Dodge is a ___________ minister who is always giving sermons which will appeal to the farmers.
(a) Pentecostal
(b) Lutheran
(c) Catholic
(d) Baptist

3. The women from the ___________ had taken everything away from the home of Ginny and Rose after their mother had died.
(a) Convent
(b) Farm supply store
(c) Next door farm
(d) Lutheran church

4. ___________ divides her life into before and after the conversation with Rose.
(a) Linda
(b) Candace
(c) Pammy
(d) Ginny

5. Larry announces a plan to form a corporation with the farm, giving each of his daughters __________ of the ownership of the farm.
(a) One tenth
(b) One third
(c) One half
(d) One fifth

Short Answer Questions

1. Ginny allows herself to feel a little _________ by the rigidity of Larry's eating schedule during the breakfast time.

2. __________ says it's too much to walk a block and a half on an 87 degree day and that Ginny should wait in the car.

3. Where do the adults drop Pammy and Linda off before they head into town for their meeting?

4. Rose curses _______ for all the pain he has caused Pammy and Linda in their lives, intentional or not.

5. Ginny takes her nieces, Pammy and Linda, to the __________ swimming pool on a hot and windy Friday in June.

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