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Lesson 1 (from Book 1: Chapter 1 | Book 1: Chapter 2)


Ginny is a character who seems to want to please others in the way that she gives of herself to cook for three households instead of just cooking for her own. Today's objective is to talk of the value of selflessness and whether it might have ulterior motives.


1. Have students discuss whether they think they are selfless people. Why or why not?

2. In smaller groups, have students discuss whether they think Ginny is truly selfless or if she might have other motivations. Why?

3. As a class, have the students discuss the idea of selflessness. What makes an act truly selfless? What other reasons might a person have for helping someone out? Can an argument be made that selflessness isn't possible as there is always another reason to help someone else? Why or why not?

4. Homework: Have students discuss a time in which they feel they...

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