A Thousand Acres Fun Activities

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Watch the Movie A Thousand Acres

Have students watch the movie based on Jane Smiley's novel, "A Thousand Acres." What is similar? What is different from the book?

Where Would You Want Your 1000 Acres?

Have students find out how large an acre is and then, taking a map, color in the area in the city where they would like to place their 1000 acres of land.

The Danger of Hemlock

Have students research hemlock to see if it grows in the area, what it looks like, and how much one might have to ingest in order to be poisoned.

Casting the Movie Again

Using newer actresses and actors, have students make a list of who they would cast in all of the major character roles in the book.

Building a Hog Farm

Have students do some research to find out what it takes to start and to run a...

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