A Thousand Acres Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Book 1: Chapter 1 | Book 1: Chapter 2

* Ginny introduces the setting.

* Harold Clark decides to take a day off to have a pig roast.

* Larry Cook, Ginny, and Rose are invited.

* Caroline arrives unexpectedly.

Book 1: Chapter 3 | Book 1: Chapter 4

* Ginny thinks back on the history of the farm.

* Harold is happy to have a new red tractor and his son, Jess, back.

* Larry announces his plan to form a corporation.

* All agree with Larry and his idea, eventually.

Book 1: Chapter 5 | Book 1: Chapter 6

* Ginny and Ty eat and have breakfast readied for Larry.

* Marv, the banker, suggests signing the papers after church.

* After church, Ginny urges Caroline to make amends to Larry.

Book 1: Chapter 7 | Book 2: Chapter 8

* Ginny and Ty go over to Larry's house.

* Jess talks about his life over the past 13 years.

* Larry slams the door in Caroline's face and she leaves.

* Larry signs the papers.

* Larry saw no future in the...

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