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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what mountain range does Many Ruins Canyon begin?
(a) La Plata Mountains.
(b) Chuska Mountains.
(c) Sleeping Ute Mountains.
(d) Abajo Mountains.

2. How many times was Houk shot?
(a) 1.
(b) 2.
(c) 3.
(d) 4.

3. Where does Pete say she might go to avoid the winter?
(a) Italy.
(b) California.
(c) France.
(d) Florida.

4. What does Chee dream about at the beginning of Chapter 17?
(a) Freidman-Bernal.
(b) Pictographs.
(c) Jawbones.
(d) Elliot.

5. Where did Friedman-Bernal hide the kayak?
(a) Under a mequite tree.
(b) Under a desert willow.
(c) Under juniper branches.
(d) Under branches of tamarisks.

6. Where does Houk hide a note?
(a) In his wallet.
(b) In a back pocket.
(c) In his shorts.
(d) Under a loose board.

7. What is stacked in bales in the barn?
(a) Alfalfa.
(b) Wheat.
(c) Straw.
(d) Hay.

8. Where is Detective McGee having breakfast at the end of Chapter 14?
(a) Thunderbird Lodge.
(b) Anasazi Inn.
(c) Greyhills Inn.
(d) Navajo Nation Inn.

9. How far below the Bluff bridge, does Leaphorn allow the kayak drift into a sandbar?
(a) About 4 miles.
(b) About 7 miles.
(c) 3 miles.
(d) 5 miles.

10. What type of candy wrapper does Leaphorn find in Houk's kayak?
(a) Snickers.
(b) Milky Way.
(c) Mr. Goodbar.
(d) Hershey.

11. What is the name of the state that the girl at the Tsaya Chapter House overheard Nakai mention?
(a) Utah.
(b) New Mexico.
(c) Arizona.
(d) Colorado.

12. Approximately how high do the cliffs of Many Ruins Canyon rise above a narrow, sandy bottom?
(a) 1,500 feet.
(b) Nearly 2,000 feet.
(c) Almost 1,000 feet.
(d) 1,200 feet.

13. When might Friedman-Bernal have licensed a pistol in Wisconsin?
(a) 1984 or 1985.
(b) 1979 or 1980.
(c) 1985 or 1986.
(d) 1982 or 1983.

14. How many sacred mountains mark the borders of Dineh Bike'yah?
(a) 3.
(b) 6.
(c) 4.
(d) 5.

15. How far will Brigham and Leaphorn have to carry Friedman-Bernal from the canyon bottom to the river?
(a) 8 miles.
(b) 6 miles.
(c) 5 miles.
(d) 7 miles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the travel agency that Elliot uses?

2. Where is Harrison Houk when he realizes that he had not been smart enough?

3. What color windbreaker does Detective McGree wear?

4. When would Houk go down the river in his kayak?

5. Where did Houk leave a note for Irene?

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