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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Harrison Houk when he realizes that he had not been smart enough?
(a) Standing on the porch of his house.
(b) Standing against the wall of a horse stall.
(c) Sitting in his home office.
(d) Working in the yard.

2. What is the tribe of Chee's grandfather?
(a) Many Goats Clan.
(b) Bitter Water Clan.
(c) Waters Flow Together Clan.
(d) Mountain Cove Clan.

3. What road does Chee drive to Farmington in Chapter 17?
(a) N.M. 44.
(b) N.M. 59.
(c) N.M. 24.
(d) N.M. 33.

4. To what Navajo god does Leaphorn compare some of the petroglyphs to that he sees?
(a) Evening Star.
(b) Talking God.
(c) Kanati.
(d) Sun Bearer.

5. How far will Brigham and Leaphorn have to carry Friedman-Bernal from the canyon bottom to the river?
(a) 6 miles.
(b) 8 miles.
(c) 7 miles.
(d) 5 miles.

6. What simile does Houk use to compare how his mind worked when he was younger?
(a) Computer.
(b) Race car.
(c) Cheetah.
(d) Lightning.

7. Where does Houk hide a note?
(a) In his wallet.
(b) Under a loose board.
(c) In a back pocket.
(d) In his shorts.

8. Harrison quotes an aphorism in Chapter 11? In what area is that a common saying?
(a) Southern Colorado.
(b) Northern New Mexico.
(c) Western Arizona.
(d) Southern Utah.

9. After checking two possible landing points on the reservation side of the river and looking at the mouths of Butler Wash and Comb Creek, what bird does Leaphorn see?
(a) Snow goose.
(b) Owl.
(c) Wattled crane.
(d) Snowy egret.

10. Which county sheriff's office identified Harrison Houk's body?
(a) Garfield County.
(b) Washington County.
(c) Kane County.
(d) Iron County.

11. What is stacked in bales in the barn?
(a) Alfalfa.
(b) Hay.
(c) Wheat.
(d) Straw.

12. Who does Brigham believe brought Friedman-Bernal to the area?
(a) Angel Moroni.
(b) Angel Qaspiel.
(c) Angel Anapiel.
(d) Angel Gabriel.

13. Since when had Harrison Houk known he was smarter than most people?
(a) His early teens.
(b) His 30's.
(c) When he was a young child.
(d) When he was 20.

14. How long has Flight Contractors been renting helicopters to Elliot?
(a) 4-5 years.
(b) 2-3 years.
(c) 6 years.
(d) 1 year.

15. At the end of Chapter 14, what direction does Leaphorn drive out of Window Rock?
(a) West.
(b) North.
(c) East.
(d) South.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is L. G. Marcy's job title?

2. What should Houk have linked together that he would have put together when he was younger?

3. In what mountain range does Many Ruins Canyon begin?

4. What is another name for Watersprinkler Canyon?

5. Who had once written to Houk telling him "to make things right"?

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