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Four Corners - This is the area near where the states of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico meet.

Anazazi - These are a group of people who lived in the American Southwest long ago.

Pot Hunters - These are people who illegally dig in archeological sites to find artifacts to sell to collectors.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park - This is a place where many archeological sites are found.

Chindi - This is a Navajo concept meaning ghost.

The Checkerboard - This is an informal name that refers to an area of western New Mexico that contains federal lands, private lands, and Native American reservation lands.

Hogan - This is a traditional Navajo dwelling.

Pictograph - This is a symbol or shape frequently drawn on rock walls by ancient peoples.

Hatathali - This is a singer of the blessing way.

Backhoe - This is a large...

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