Daily Lessons for Teaching A Thief of Time: A Novel

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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Tony Hillerman, the author of "A Thief of Time," wrote fiction and non-fiction. The objective of this lesson is to discuss Tony Hillerman and his writing.


1) Read biographical information about Tony Hillerman. Write the answers to these questions: When and where was Hillerman born? How many siblings did he have? What did his parents do? What was his given name? When did Hillerman serve in the military? What medals did he win? What was his first job? Where was he educated? Was he married? How many children did he have? What did he do besides write? When did he die? Where was he living when he died? How old was he when he died?

2) Class discussion: Use reference material as needed. How did Hillerman begin writing mysteries? When did he decide to become a novelist? What influenced him to write about the Navajos? Why did...

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