A Thief of Time: A Novel Fun Activities

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A Thief of Time Movie

Watch the movie version of "A Thief of Time."

Various Navajo words are used throughout the book. Create a glossary of these words and what they mean.

Four Corners Travel Brochure

"A Thief in Time" takes place in the Four Corners area of the United States. Create a travel brochure about the region.

Navajo history and culture are mentioned throughout the novel. Research the Navajo people past and present and prepare a written or oral report discussing what you learn.

Compare Where You Live

Use a Venn diagram to compare where you live to the Four Regions area.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Create a poster about Chaco Culture National Historical Park.


Draw a picture of Kokopelli, also known as the Watersprinkler.

R. C. Gorman Prints

A print by R.C. Gorman hangs in Leaphorn's home...

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