A Thief of Time: A Novel Character Descriptions

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Joe Leaphorn

This character has recently lost his wife, is resigning from his job with the Navajo Tribal Police, but agrees to take one more case.

Jim Chee

This character is an officer of the Navajo Tribal Police studying to be a hatathali, a Navajo singer of curing ceremonies.

Randall Elliot

This character is from a wealthy and privileged background, attended Princeton and Harvard, and was in the Navy during the Vietnam War.

Harrison Houk

This character is well-known in the Four Corners region and is a wealthy landowner and former politician.

Maxie Davis

This character is an archeologist and a brilliant scholar who is not interested in the romantic advances of a colleague.

Janet Pete

This character is a lawyer for tribal legal services who recently ended a relationship with a successful attorney.

L.D. Thatcher

This character is an officer with the Bureau of Land Management...

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