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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the maxim of Utilitarian philosophy?

2. What defines a good society, according to Rawls?

3. What is another name for the Original Position?

4. Who should hold the greatest advantage in Rawls’ ideal society?

5. How does the ignorant chooser know what is fair and what is not, according to Rawls?

Short Essay Questions

1. What, according to Rawls, are other notions of justice?

2. What is the implicit argument in Social Contract Theory?

3. What for the Intuitionist is learned?

4. What is the individual afforded in a just society, according to Rawls?

5. How does Rawls seek to 'fix' or solve Intuitionism?

6. What is the veil of ignorance?

7. What was the rival school to Utilitarian thought during the 20th Century?

8. How is the Original Position often criticized?

9. What is one of the essential difficulties of Utilitarian theory?

10. According to the chapter “The Original Position,” what do we have to assume about the individual's rational capabilities?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine and critique Rawls’ argument about religious tolerance/Intolerance. What arguments can you think of to support his claim and what detract from it?

Essay Topic 2

How can we consider A Theory of Justice to be a work-in-progress?

Essay Topic 3

As per Rawls’ argument, if you were granted any type of society to be born into, what would it be?

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