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Gene Edwards
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Short Answer Questions

1. What are castles now in Chapter 12?

2. Who is David referring to when he says, "He was great. Great in the eyes of God and men."?

3. Some fugitives of King Saul make contact with who in Chapter 13?

4. What is David's response to Joab asking if he shall stop Absalom in Chapter 23?

5. The old soldier of David said to David's grandson, "I see you have the ambitions typical of __________."

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly discuss Absalom's relationship with his followers as seen in Chapter 20.

2. According to the author, why does God give unworthy people His power?

3. What is the purpose of Chapter 18 to the reader? Who does the author claim the reader to be: Saul? David? Absalom? Explain.

4. What does the author wish to accomplish by explaining the difference between Saul and David?

5. What did the old mighty soldier of David say he learned from David?

6. Why did people call Absalom, David in Chapter 19?

7. Discuss the importance of Sage in Chapter 21.

8. Discuss the importance of Joab in Chapter 22.

9. Briefly discuss David's followers.

10. Give a physical description of the old mighty soldier of David.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

A minor character, often known as a foil, possesses traits that emphasize, by contrast or comparison, the distinctive characteristics and qualities of the main character. They often highlight the weaknesses or strengths of the main character. Choose a minor character from A Tale of Three Kings who serves as a foil for David. Analyze how the relation between the foil character and David illuminates the meaning of the story.

Essay Topic 2

Spirituality is extremely important to David. Cite and explain 3 examples of David's spirituality.

Essay Topic 3

Foreshadowing is used sporadically in A Tale of Three Kings. Cite 3 examples of foreshadowing and explain how it's used to indicate events to come.

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