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Gene Edwards
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part One, Chapters 15-18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What job do Jesse's oldest sons have?
(a) They give camel rides.
(b) They work on the farm.
(c) They work in the shop.
(d) They deliver groceries.

2. According to the author in Chapter 10, who decides when it is finally time to leave the Lord's anointed?
(a) The council members.
(b) The Lord's anointed one.
(c) The individual wanting to leave.
(d) The citizens of the kingdom.

3. According to the author in Chapter 7, how can you tell when someone has been hit by a spear?
(a) He has puncture wounds.
(b) He is dead.
(c) He turns a deep shade of bitter.
(d) He has blood on himself.

4. According to the author in Chapter 6, when one throws a thrown spear back, they prove all of the following, except for what?
(a) They are courageous.
(b) They stand for the right.
(c) They are tough.
(d) They are foolish.

5. What question does the author tell the reader to memorize in Chapter 8?
(a) "Is this man mad?"
(b) "Is this man the Lord's anointed?"
(c) "Is this man truthful?"
(d) "Is this man wise?"

Short Answer Questions

1. What portion of God's being from the Prologue does Saul possess?

2. What book is this story fictionalized from?

3. David knew that God had placed him in the king's palace under what?

4. Who is waiting to see David in Chapter 2?

5. According to the author in Chapter 16, men who go after the __________ among us often crucify the __________ among us.

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