A Tale of Three Kings Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Gene Edwards
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• God commands Gabriel to give two portions of His being to two unborn destinies.
• Gabriel steps into the Mall of the Unborn Destinies.
• Gabriel gives the first unborn destiny the very cloth of God's nature.
• Gabriel implants a seed inside the second unborn destiny.
• Gabriel reveals to Recorder that the two unborn destinies will one day be king.

Part One, Chapters 1-2

• David, the youngest child of Jesse, is introduced.
• David saves a lamb from a bear.
• David sings and writes hymns to glorify the Lord.
• David is called home and is anointed by an old king.
• David kills a 9-foot giant named Goliath.

Part One, Chapters 3-7

• David goes to live with King Saul.
• King Saul sees David as a threat to his kingdom.
• King Saul begins to throw spears at David.
• David ignores Saul's cruelty even though others advise against that.

Part One, Chapters 8-14

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