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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the most common word used to criticize Lynch's movies?
(a) "Sick."
(b) "Twisted."
(c) "Boring."
(d) "Horrific."

2. How does Wallace treat Winston while playing ping-pong?
(a) He's very ingratiating.
(b) He's harsh.
(c) He's pleasant.
(d) He's teasing.

3. What deeper truth about the cruise line does Conroy's essay reveal to Wallace?
(a) It's desperate for money.
(b) It wants something from the passenger.
(c) It's a CIA cover.
(d) It's a charity organization.

4. Why, according to Wallace, is tennis the most demanding sport?
(a) It requires more strength.
(b) It requires more practice.
(c) It requires more funding.
(d) It requires calculations of more variables.

5. How do the critics view Lynch's painting experience?
(a) They never discuss it.
(b) They think he should have continued it.
(c) They feel it detriments his movies.
(d) They are critical of it.

6. Ethically, how does Wallace feel about Conroy's essay?
(a) It sets a high standard.
(b) It's a tribute to writing.
(c) It's advertising.
(d) It sets a low standard.

7. Wallace begins his essay on Michael Joyce, describing Joyce _______ serving a ball.
(a) Clumsily.
(b) Sharply.
(c) First.
(d) Easily.

8. What is Wallace's favorite feature of the bathroom?
(a) The powerful shower.
(b) The big tub.
(c) The shiny sink.
(d) The big mirror.

9. Wallace feels ______ when walking through the boat during the storm.
(a) Clumsy.
(b) Overweight.
(c) Sick.
(d) Dreamy.

10. Wallace describes watching Lynch's movies as a(n) _______ experience.
(a) Uncomfortable.
(b) Enjoyable.
(c) Mundane.
(d) Religious.

11. Where is Asymmetrical Productions conveniently located for Lynch?
(a) Next to his home.
(b) In his house.
(c) Downtown.
(d) Near the set.

12. Wallace uses McEnroe as an example of ________ tennis style.
(a) Offensive.
(b) Contemporary.
(c) Defensive.
(d) Joyce's.

13. Why is Wallace able to spend so much time talking to Tibor?
(a) Wallace doesn't talk to anyone else.
(b) All the other diners are unfriendly.
(c) Wallace pays him.
(d) There are no other diners.

14. Technically, how does Wallace feel about Conroy's essay?
(a) It's a grammatical mess.
(b) It's well written.
(c) It's poorly written.
(d) It's very creative.

15. Wallace explains that despite Joyce's youthful appearance, he wears a ______ expression on his face while playing.
(a) Happy.
(b) Angry.
(c) Determined.
(d) Sad.

Short Answer Questions

1. What theme does Richard Pryor uphold for "Lost Highway"?

2. When does the maid clean Wallace's cabin?

3. Why does Wallace feel overwhelmed by the lecture on the ship's mechanical functions?

4. What activity sends other passengers running for cover?

5. When Wallace carries his own bag, what happens to the porter?

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