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Peter Taylor
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Phillip react to his sisters when inside the house?

2. Six weeks after the weekend visit, why do Phillip's sisters call?

3. What does Josephine whisper to Phillip on his way out of his father's house?

4. When does Holly's father die?

5. What is the name of the book Lewis Shackleford gives to George Carver?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 11, Phillip puts together the story of his family's intrusion into his father's love affair with Clara Price. What does he realize, and how?

2. In Chapter 9, Phillip gives us a glimpse of Holly's life. How do we learn about Holly and how she fits into her family?

3. In Chapter 12, Phillip gives the four leaf clover pendant to Holly. How does she respond? What does Phillip know from her response?

4. In Chapter 9, both Phillip and Holly begin to understand their fathers and see them as people. Holly encourages them both to go beyond forgiveness and forgetting and aspire to true understanding. How does Phillip remember his father's life growing up?

5. In Chapter 8, how does Phillip react to his sisters' actions? How does Alex react?

6. When Alex arrives in Memphis in Chapter 7, he sees his father waving to him from the runway. Describe Father's behavior upon seeing Phillip. What is happening that day? How does his father appear to Phillip?

7. In Chapter 12, Phillip begins calling his father on a weekly basis. Why are those calls important to Phillip?

8. In Chapter 7, Phillip compares the life he knows in his father's house in Memphis and his apartment in New York. How do the two residences differ? How does Phillip feel about the contents of his family home in Memphis and the contents of his apartment?

9. In Chapter 10, how does Lewis Shackleford see his friend, George Carver? What traits does he admire in his friend?

10. While George Carver and his wife are in St, Louis for business, what happens to the Mr. Shackleford's company? How does Mr. Carver react to this news?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the climactic point in the novel? Is it believable? How does it change the action in the novel?

Essay Topic 2

It is unusual for a young man to be close friends with a classmate and that young man's father. Yet, Alex Mercer balances these two relationships for much of his life. On what core values and experiences are their friendships built? In what ways do they differ?

Essay Topic 3

In many novels, dialogue drives the action. In A Summons To Memphis, there is no dialogue in the traditional sense; the book is written in a narrative style. Why do you think the author has chosen to write in narrative style? Are there any characters in the book you would find easier to understand if you were to read his/her words as dialogue?

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