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Peter Taylor
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Phillip travel to meet his family for a weekend get together?
(a) Thornton.
(b) The old house in Nashville.
(c) Owl Mountain Inn.
(d) The family house in Memphis.

2. What does Josephine whisper to Phillip on his way out of his father's house?
(a) The sisters were going to find a new house for their father.
(b) The sisters were going to put Father in a retirement home.
(c) The sisters were going to open a family business with Father.
(d) The two women were retiring from their business.

3. Six weeks after the weekend visit, why do Phillip's sisters call?
(a) Father has decided to marry Mrs. Stockwell again
(b) Father has decided to visit Mr. Shacklefore in Nashville for six weeks.
(c) Father is writing a new will.
(d) Father is dying in the hospital.

4. How does Phillip feel about the furnishings in his house?
(a) He is attached to them.
(b) He is proud of them.
(c) He is angry at Holly for wanting them.
(d) He does not care about any of them.

5. When the Carvers return to Nashville, and the story comes out in the press, what does Mr. Carver say to his family?
(a) He never wants to go into business with anyone again.
(b) He wants to shoot Shackleford.
(c) He never should have moved from Thornton.
(d) He never wants to hear the name Lewis Shackleford spoken again.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Phillip know about Alex Mercer after Mr. Carver dies?

2. What is happening at Mr. Carver's home?

3. What happens in town when George Carver is born?

4. What is Georgie doing during the Saturday outings?

5. What news does Mr. Carver have for Phillip?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 9, Phillip explains the difference between his father and Alex Mercer as an important factor in their friendship. What is this difference?

2. In Chapter 8, Alex, Phillip and Father pull up to the house from the church. What is happening as they arrive? Why?

3. In Chapter 12, Phillip gives the four leaf clover pendant to Holly. How does she respond? What does Phillip know from her response?

4. In Chapter 8, how does Phillip react to his sisters' actions? How does Alex react?

5. While flying to Memphis in Chapter 7, Philip thinks about his course of action with his sister who he fears are planning vengeance on their father. What does Phillip want to convince the sisters to do?

6. In Chapter 9, both Phillip and Holly begin to understand their fathers and see them as people. Holly encourages them both to go beyond forgiveness and forgetting and aspire to true understanding. How does Phillip remember his father's life growing up?

7. In Chapter 7, what happens at the church? How does Mr. Carver react to the news? What does he say to Alex and Phillip?

8. In Chapter 12, Phillip begins calling his father on a weekly basis. Why are those calls important to Phillip?

9. In Chapter 9, Phillip gives us a glimpse of Holly's life. How do we learn about Holly and how she fits into her family?

10. In Chapter 11, Phillip allows Alex's car to remain in the driveway which blocks his father's car from exiting. What debate might be waging in his mind while he delays his father's departure?

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