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Peter Taylor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Once back in their routines together, Alex and Holly find themselves talking about what subject?
(a) Having a baby.
(b) Caring for their parents but not wanting to see them.
(c) Going to Memphis to see Alex's family.
(d) Getting married.

2. Why do the Carvers move from Thornton to Nashville?
(a) So Georgie would meet new friends.
(b) So the girls could be part of Nashville society.
(c) So Phillip would have a good education.
(d) So Mr. Carver could work exclusively for Lewis Shackleford.

3. When Phillip sees his father for the weekend getaway, how does Mr. Carver look?
(a) He seems to have shrunken, his hair has thinned, and his sight is bad.
(b) He has lost his ability to walk without assistance.
(c) He is feeble and unhappy.
(d) He seems to be healthier and happier than ever.

4. What is Georgie doing during the Saturday outings?
(a) Sitting by himself.
(b) Playing with children his own age.
(c) Talking to his father and Mr. Shackleford.
(d) Playing with Phillip.

5. What kind of car does Mr. Carver drive?
(a) A ten year old Rolls.
(b) A five year old Mercedes.
(c) A fifteen year old convertible.
(d) A twenty year old Cadillac.

6. Who does Phillip call to meet him at the airport?
(a) Alex.
(b) Georgie.
(c) Howard.
(d) Betsy.

7. Who does Phillip see on the other side of the restaurant?
(a) Wyant Brawley, his wife and their children.
(b) Clara Stockwell and her husband.
(c) Clarkson Manning, his wife and their children.
(d) Clara Price, her husband and children.

8. How are Betsy and Josephine dressed when Phillip and Father walk into the house?
(a) Both are wearing jeans and a button down shirt.
(b) Both are in wild clothing.
(c) Both are in fancy dresses and jewelry.
(d) Both are in brand new, modest gingham housedresses.

9. What happens when Mr. and Mrs. Carver, Georgie and Phillip are in St. Louis on business?
(a) Mr. Shackleford robs a savings and loan.
(b) Mr. Shackleford loses an envelope containing half a million dollars cash.
(c) Mr. Shackleford is accused of mortgaging company landholdings.
(d) Mr. Shackleford disappears with the company assets.

10. What does the family decide to do together on Phillip's last day together?
(a) Drive to another town for dinner.
(b) Drive together and take Phillip to the airport.
(c) Have Sunday midday dinner together at the Inn's restaurant.
(d) Take a Sunday afternoon drive in the country.

11. How does Lewis Shackleford view Mr. Carver?
(a) As a heel and a clod.
(b) As a shrewd businessman.
(c) As a country gentleman with agrarian traditions.
(d) As a clever and funny man.

12. What does Phillip imagine could interfere next with the peace and quiet of their lives after the death of their fathers?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Clara Price.
(c) Holly's siblings.
(d) His sisters.

13. How does Mr. Carver react to Phillip's arrival?
(a) He is elated and asks Phillip to be his best man.
(b) He is happy but confused.
(c) He is relieved the plane did not crash.
(d) He is frustrated because Phillip did not call ahead of time.

14. Where does the family see Lewis Shackleford?
(a) Walking out of the restaurant.
(b) Driving back to Nashville.
(c) At a gas station.
(d) Walking toward the Carver family in the restaurant.

15. How does Mr. Carver react to the news Betsy brought?
(a) He says, "Well, Phillip, please leave now."
(b) He says, "I don't believe it!" belligerently.
(c) He says, "I couldn't care less."
(d) He says, "You are all driving me crazy."

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Phillip begin his description of Mr. Carver and Mr. Shackleford?

2. Where do Holly and Phillip acquire much of their furnishings?

3. How do the Shacklefords greet the Carvers when they arrive in Nashville?

4. How does Holly react to Phillip's gift?

5. Where was Mr. Carver born?

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