A Summons to Memphis Short Essay - Answer Key

Peter Taylor
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1. In Chapter 1, the narrator begins the story with an explanation of the perils of a widower with middle-aged children,dating. What is the major issue faced by the widower? What examples of this situation does the narrator provide?

The primary issue is that the middle-aged children will become over-involved or even block the man's social contacts. One example provided is that of an elderly Memphis man who declares his intention to wed and is prevented by his grown children from doing so.

2. In Chapter 1, how do Mr. Carver's daughters initially handle his dating? How does this change when he begins seeing one woman exclusively?

The daughters are initially happy to see their father out and about and dating. They write of this fact to Phillip. But once Mr. Carver announces his intentions to marry, the daughters become upset and concerned.

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