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Peter Taylor
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What city is described as a "land oriented" city?
(a) Nashville.
(b) Knoxville.
(c) Chattanooga.
(d) Memphis.

2. Who does Phillip believe his sister Betsy is going to the bars with while watching her father?
(a) Howard.
(b) Her new fiance.
(c) A friend from work.
(d) No one.

3. How does Phillip react when Betsy and Josephine say they will return to their real estate business?
(a) He tells them they should move into their own homes.
(b) He wants them to and tells them so.
(c) He encourages them to stay at home.
(d) He knows it is not true.

4. How does Phillip get to school when he is a child in Nashville?
(a) He rides his pony, Red.
(b) He walks with his mother.
(c) He takes the school bus.
(d) He rides his bike.

5. What people are responsible for helping Phillip leave Memphis to move to New York?
(a) Lewis Shackleford and his wife.
(b) Alex and his wife.
(c) Betsy and Josephine.
(d) Holly Kaplan and Alex Mercer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Alex's first words to Phillip?

2. What does Phillip realize about his father moving the family to Memphis?

3. How long after the move to Memphis do Betsy and her beau break off their relationship?

4. What do Betsy and Josephine do to embarrass their father?

5. How does Georgie explain to his father that he is leaving for military duty?

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