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Peter Taylor
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Alex first meet Mr. Carver?
(a) At a soda fountain.
(b) On the school playground.
(c) On the way to the library.
(d) In church.

2. To what does Phillip's mother compare the family's move to Memphis?
(a) The long and winding road.
(b) A slow moving wagon train.
(c) The trip of a lifetime.
(d) The Trail of Tears.

3. How does Georgie die?
(a) Hunting accident.
(b) Atom bomb explosion.
(c) Automobile accident.
(d) The D-Day invasion.

4. Who does Mr. Carver talk to concerning his plans to interfere with Phillip's marriage?
(a) Betsy Carver
(b) Lewis Shackleford.
(c) Alex Mercer.
(d) Victor Manning.

5. Where do Mr. Carver and his grown daughters have supper on Sunday nights?
(a) The Tennessee Club.
(b) The country club.
(c) A local steakhouse.
(d) The local tavern.

Short Answer Questions

1. Wyant Brawley was a graduate of what college?

2. Where does Phillip first see Clara?

3. How old are Betsy and Josephine when their mother dies?

4. What does Alex regularly urge Phillip to do?

5. What did Phillip begin reading upon spending time with Clara?

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