Objects & Places from A Summons to Memphis

Peter Taylor
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Phillip's Manhattan Apartment

This is a small, dingy place filled with mismatched furniture.


This is the city where the Carver family moves to start a new life.


This is the city in which the Carver family lives happily for many years.

Carver House in Memphis early years

This is where the Carver family lives while trying to get their footings as a family in town.

George Carver's house in Memphis later years

This is where Father lives by himself after Mother dies and the children leave home. This location later becomes the place of his confinement.

Carver house in Nashville

This is where the Carver family is happy and content to live in the country with horses and barns.

The Shackleford home in Nashville

This place is right next door to the Carver's.

Nashville Society

This is where the two daughters make their debuts.

Memphis Society

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