Daily Lessons for Teaching A Summons to Memphis

Peter Taylor
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

A Summons to Memphis opens with the narrator discussing the challenges faced by an aging widower who has middle-aged children. This narrative provides the reader with a hint of what might be to follow in the story. The objective of this lesson is to discuss the use of foreshadowing in the novel.


1) Class discussion: What is foreshadowing? Why would a writer choose to use foreshadowing in a novel? What is foreshadowed in this first chapter?

2) Group activity: Break into small groups. In Chapter 1, find as many examples of foreshadowing as you can. Come together and combine all of your results.

3) Individual activity: Using the third paragraph of the novel, ask each student to "predict," in one paragraph, how he/she thinks the plot will progress. Then give each student an envelope into which to put his/her prediction.


1) Reflective Writing: Why do you...

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