A Summons to Memphis Fun Activities

Peter Taylor
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The Road to Memphis

Research the trip from Nashville to Memphis and create a map of the journey as realistically as you can. Map the towns they stop in on the way. Refer to maps of Tennessee for accurate details.

The Arrival of the Carvers

Write a society page article about the arrival of the Carver family to Memphis and mention something about each character.


Write a eulogy for George Carver.

Phillip's Manhattan Apartment

Create a picture of Holly and Phillip's apartment. Use simple drawings or more elaborate collage technique for display the kind of furniture and accessories Phillip describes in the apartment.


Imagine Betsy is sitting at the table the Sunday they are dining at the Inn and Josephine is in the restroom. Write a text message from Betsy to Josephine describing the scene taking place in the restaurant including Clara Price and Lewis Shackleford...

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