A Summons to Memphis Character Descriptions

Peter Taylor
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George (Father) Carver

This character is the patriarch of the narrator's family who has decided to remarry after the death of his wife.

Phillip Carver

This character is the narrator of the story who lives in Manhattan and is a rare book collector.

Betsy Carver

This character is the oldest daughter of the family and co-owner of a successful real estate business.

Josephine Carver

This character is the younger daughter who is described as immature for her age.

Alex Mercer

This character is friend to both father and son and lives in Memphis with his family.

Holly Kaplan

This character lives in New York with the narrator and is often frustrated with the narrator's concern with his family.


This character initially thrives after the family's move to Memphis but then grows ill and finally dies. This character remains nameless throughout the book.

Lewis Shackleford

This character's deceitful...

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