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Part 1

• Part 1 of the novel introduces the various families involved in the story as they have come together on the occasion of the marriage of Pran Kapoor and Savita Mehra.

• Savita's younger sister Lata, considered of marriageable age now, sets up the main conflict in the novel by questioning the idea of arranged marriage.

• Lata's mother, the widow Rupa Mehra, is intent on finding a "suitable boy" for Lata, who is repulsed by the idea.

• A second conflict in the novel is the antagonism between Hindus and Muslims in post-Partition India/Pakistan.

• This Hindu/Muslim conflict is emphasized when Lata meets and subsequently falls in love with Kabir Durrani, a Muslim.

• Mrs. Mehra is so incensed that she packs Lata up and moves her to Calcutta where they will stay with Lata's brother, Arun Mehra.

Part 2

• Part 2 of A Suitable Boy deals with the conflict between Muslims and...

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