A String in the Harp Short Essay - Answer Key

Nancy Bond
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1. Why does Peter dislike Borth so much?

Peter dislikes Borth because he says there is nothing to do, and he doesn't like his school. He feels distanced from his family and his friends and often feels very lonely.

2. Why is Peter jealous of Jen at the beginning of the book?

At the beginning of the book, Peter is jealous of Jen because she is allowed to stay in Massachusetts to finish up high school which means she gets to be around her extended family and her childhood friends.

3. How did Peter find the metal object in the bog?

Peter found the metal object in the bog behind his house by following a path of rocks that led to the water for no obvious reason. Underneath one of the rocks at the end of this trail, he found the metal object.

4. What does Peter see in his first vision?

In his first vision, Peter sees a group of boys chanting near a hut. There, a blind man sits with a beautiful woman named Cardiwen. The blind man announces that one of the boys would be chosen to follow the Bard, Aneirin. The beautiful woman walks along the row of boys, resting her hands briefly on each of their heads, before selecting one boy, whom she renames Taliesin, as the chosen one.

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