Objects & Places from A String in the Harp

Nancy Bond
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The Harp Key

Peter finds this in the water near the shore. It used to belong to Taliesin.


This is the city in Wales where David relocates his family after his wife's untimely death.

Bryn Celyn

This is the name of the home where the Morgans live.


This is the large town where David teaches at the University.


This is an ancient, small boat typically built for one person.

Llechwedd Melyn

This is the farm where Rhian Evans and her family live.

The Low Hundreds

This is a mythical land that is said to have been a low, flat land that completely vanished during a terrible storm.

Cardiff Castle

This has a moat around its walls, full of grass instead of water. It still houses an air of mystery and history.

The Red Goat

This is the pub where all the men sit together after...

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