A String in the Harp Character Descriptions

Nancy Bond
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Jen Morgan

This character is separated from her family who all go to live in Wales while she stays behind with her Aunt and Uncle so she can finish school.

Peter Morgan

This character hates everything about Wales, especially the language. He struggles to make friends in his new school and quickly falls behind with his schoolwork.

David Morgan

This character moves his family from Amherst to Borth, Wales where he plans to study Welsh literature and to teach at a local college.

Becky Morgan

This character has a bright, optimistic attitude that is often contagious.

Mrs. Davies

This character is hired to help with the cooking and cleaning.

Hugh Davies

This character drives the bus in town, hence his nickname. He is a big, gentle-faced man with snow-white hair.

Gwilym Davies

This character is an avid birdwatcher who didn't have many friends before his neighbors moved in...

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